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As long time real estate investors, we wanted to have quick overview over available high yield properties around. Because we do not have much time to check the real estate offers every day, we wanted to have solution that will automate most of the calculations and check for us.

Because we soon learned it pays to be one of the first callers, because attractive offeres get lots of traction fast and if you call/write later than others, you usually do not get to see the property. So at the end we wanted to know about attractive offer first to be able to contact the seller as soon as possible, without the need to check the advertising sites manually (or pay for it in some cases).

Next, we used spreadsheets a lot to track interesting offers + notes about visits of the properties, which after few years bloated with lots of entries (with no photos for the context) - which was the last requirements we had - “small social network” for us to see, what we found interesting and what we keep for future reference.


Python + Redis Queues were picked for the job. Prometheus with Grafana and Telegram as fast notification channel. Huginn as internal IFTTT as alerting hub for now (we would like to replace it with custom code, but for now it is fine).


Average price and Average yield:

Average Price
Average Yield


We are pretty happy with the result, no we have all the features that we needed at our disposal, and we focus also on other countries around (Slovakia, Austria, etc.)